Finding your creative power!

I just picked up the Summer 2018 issue of Domino magazine with the headline “Find Your Creative Power”.  The issue is jam packed with interiors that speak to my heart and design sensibility – The spaces are fresh, unexpected and a little quirky which pretty much define how I roll.  BUT, when it comes to finding YOUR creative power, I believe you should follow your own path and let your own sun – shine!

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes and thank goodness we don’t do all the same things the same way because that would be boring and uninspiring.  So today, go do something creative that speaks to you whether it’s writing a few lines of poetry or making a giant Lego castle!  Life is all about having fun, and enjoying each and every moment.

Here are a few images from our Pinterest board “create + tive” to help spur some ideas.

This super fun wall is from Heuso Restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico from sfgirlbybay’s blog post “wear this there: heuso restaurant”

And the here’s another cool creative assemblage from the blog Doodler’s Anonymous, titled “Questions + Drawn Answers with Clemens Behr”

And as in the immortal words of Dr. Suess –

“Think left and think right

And think low and think high.

Oh, the thinks you can think up

If you only try.”

Have fun and #DREAMBIG!