Why Reverie West?

When you change the name of the company that you’ve owned and operated for 17 years it raises a lot of eyebrows and people undoubtedly want to know why?  Is everything ok, did something bad happen, are you retiring from design?  I assure you everything is fine, and I am NOT retiring from design.  But really, after practicing design for a LONG, LONG, LONG time, I wanted to do something fresh, chic, hip and a little out there.  I wanted to challenge myself to go after projects I knew I could do but didn’t have the verve to go after.  Also, I wanted to expand our design offerings by creating something that goes beyond a person, something more aligned with creating a lifestyle, a way of living, being, doing; which is how we are now categorizing our projects on our website— by lifestyle activities– LINGER, EAT, SLEEP and WORK.

Hello! – Don’t you always want to live your best life?  We want to help make that happen by creating spaces, environments and moments that enhance and positively change how you do everyday living through design.  It’s a big challenge, and we are ready!

We’ve had an amazing ride as S.E. Design, Inc. and our projects and clients have been and are exceptional.  The company took us from Mexico to the East coast and from concepting amazing events to creating an office space for a major football franchise and remodeling a hotel villa for a celebrity couple in just two weeks.  Our opportunities have been extremely rewarding and humbling. As Reverie West, we will continue forward with the same passion and creative drive. And with that same fervor and a higher focus, we are opening the door for other endeavors, and as our website video recounts, “We are forging new territory!!”

Please share our journey with us and “Go West” my friends!

And remember to always-always #DREAMBIG.