Hotel spotlight – Graduate: Athens, Georgia

I love hotel design and with our new Reverie West brand, we are focusing our efforts on designing unique eclectic boutique hotels.  Research is key and what better way to do your homework than to visit as many hotels as possible, right?  Well, we can’t always drop our day work to spin off to far away places, so a healthy dose of web-based hotel stalking is quite ok in my book!  I’ve seen some imagery in design trade magazines about the Graduate Hotels and I’ve thought, this brand is doing something super fun.

Described by the retailer Dot & Bo: “It’s a fun, whimsical “mashup” of traditional and mid-century – we just can’t get enough of the Graduate, Athens’ amazing ‘vivid vintage’ style.”

So– let’s dissect this look a bit *:

*NOTE: Go West maintains for best results you should always hire an interior designer. You will save yourself a lot of heartache and good designers are worth their weight in gold.

Image from the Graduate Hotels website

Breaking it down: What’s in the mix?

  • Old building – not that you need restore a run-down factory, but most of the time, it’s really hard to make something new look old! And if you don’t have an old building, think lots and lots of texture and old looking walls with brick, stone or heavy wood structure.
  • Simple Edison bulb pendant lights – the pendants act as the lighting for the space and reduce the need for recessed or other light forms. They almost go away and yet add to the ambience and charm.
  • A mix of solid, upholstered, colorful and neutral pieces in different shapes, styles, heights, fabric textures and furniture time periods – think velvet, vintage leather and chunky linen.
  • A very large scale graphic rug that ties the color palette together, here you see pinks and reds, gold and black. The rug is the pattern and the furniture coverings are solid helping to ground everything yet keeping with the playful spirit.
  • A collection of similar wall accessories – in this example old mirrors in different sizes and frame finishes.

Mixing things up and discovery is part of the creative process.  I love putting different elements together, experimenting, and finding new ways to design, because in the words of Cecile B. DeMille, “Creativity is a drug I cannot live without”.

I hope this inspires you and perhaps you may be in Athens, Georgia soon to check out this hotel for yourself!